We’ve come a long way from the introduction of skylights into the mainstream in the 70’s. The new breed is beautiful, functional, and offer an endless variety of options to enjoy the outdoors from the inside.
  • Skylights make a statement and are a memorable addition to any room.
  • Make a connection by brining natural lights and visuals from the outside in. 
  • You can see the sky from any room you choose in your house. 
Most often you're going to install a traditional skylight when you're looking for a statement piece for a room to really draw in natural light and brighten a space. Or, you may not have a window in a certain room and would like to see outside or open the skylight for ventilation. Being able to see the sky, whether it’s the bright sunshine or a star-filled night, makes a huge difference in a space and the ambiance, and natural light makes rooms more inviting and enjoyable.

There are several benefits of a traditional, flat glass skylight. Let’s review some of them, and later on we will discuss differences and benefits of tubular skylights. At The Guild Collective we use VELUX skylights and will be highlighting the line’s particular features in this article.
  • A slim side profile. The design of a flat skylight allows it to easily align with your roof, providing a seamless flow and a more modern look to a home or business.
  • A glass skylight has a near perfect transparency rating and won’t fade or yellow.
  • Glass is energy efficient. Skylights can be completely sealed and are therefore effective at keeping the heat in during the winter, and keeping the heat out during the summer. When the temperature is hot outside, a flat glass skylight with LowE3 protection can reduce heat gain in your home by 65%. On the contrary, when you’re trying to warm your home in cooler months, the argon gas between the double-paned glass keeps your home well insulated and helps retain heat.
  • Because glass skylights are well insulated, they reduce unwanted noise outside.
  • A flat glass skylight has a long life expectancy and requires little maintenance. A VELUX flat glass skylight has a 10-year hail and 10-year no leak warranty. VELUX skylights also come with a Neat® glass coating, which disperses water evenly, removing dirt quickly and reducing water spots to keep your skylight clean longer and ensure greater usability.
  • There are many accessories available with a flat glass skylight. For example, there are three types of blinds: light-filtering shades, blackout and room-darkening shades, and Venetian shades. Light-filtering shades and room-darkening shades are available in both solar-powered and manual styles. With over 100 colors and pattern choices available, you can design your unique space. VELUX skylights are fitted with preinstalled brackets for easy installation and a seamless fit.

These are the rooms we most often see skylights being installed in:

The main types of accessories are Solar Shade and Solar Venting

The skylight can be trimmed out in different ways:
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